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Sober Living in Georgia

Sober living homes in Georgia provide a safe, substance-free environment that is the ideal place for those recovering from addiction. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health indicated that people who graduate from inpatient rehab and return to their old lifestyles and habits had a significantly increased risk of relapsing back into a pattern of addictive substance use.

By comparison, sober living homes are a stepping-stone between leaving inpatient rehab treatments and returning home full-time.  The person is removed from people and places associated with addictive substance use, which reduces the temptation to revert to old self-destructive behaviors.

What is the Purpose of Residing in a Sober Living Community in Georgia?

The objective of sober living communities in Georgia is to give a recovering person the opportunity to learn how to live a healthy, productive life without the use of drugs or alcohol in an environment that is removed from their old way of life.

The person doesn’t simply sit in the sober living house and wait until it’s time to return home again. Rather, the properties are simply a form of accommodation that allows a recovering person the opportunity to learn how to live a sober lifestyle and adjust to making responsible decisions.

Who Should Live in a Sober Home?

People leaving the full-time care of an inpatient rehab facility are ideally suited to sober living housing in Georgia. Returning straight home after an extended stay in monitored care can be overwhelming for many recovering people, as they often have no real idea how to live life without drugs or alcohol, so a half-way home alternative provides a positive stepping stone.

What Is It Like to Live In a Sober Living Community?

Sober living homes in Georgia expect occupants to agree to a specific set of rules when they first move in. The primary rule is that all residents must remain sober at all times. There is no tolerance for any alcohol or drug usage. Residents are also subjected to random drug or alcohol testing to ensure that everyone is abiding by the rules.

During their time in a sober living home in Georgia, recovering people are expected to take responsibility for paying the rent. The rent amount is often slightly cheaper than living in a comparable home in a similar property in Georgia. Many facilities may also not require residents to pay for utilities.

Residents are encouraged to maintain work commitments if they already have employment. If they don’t already have a job to go to, occupants can choose to further studies and complete education, or take up job training skills to make it easier to find the right job.   It’s also expected that each resident will contribute to any household chores that need to be done.

People living in a sober home also must attend group meetings on a regular basis. Some may also be required to continue counseling or therapy sessions as part of their individual recovery process.

Benefits of Sober Living in Georgia

Perhaps the biggest benefit to residing in a sober living community in Georgia is the ability to live in a safe environment that is removed from people and places formerly associated with addictive substance use. The community still provides many of the benefits of a treatment center, but also provides a level of independent living at the same time.

Sober homes allow recovering people to put newly-learned recovery tools and relapse prevention strategies into practice, in readiness for when they return to living independently again.

Get Treatment

If you’re in crisis, call recovery treatment centers to get help now. There is the massive benefit of having access to a like-minded community of other people who are all experiencing similar challenges and difficulties during recovery. The opportunity to build new friendships and develop new support networks can be highly beneficial for long-term recovery.