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Georgia Prescription Drug Addiction

The National Institutes of Health estimate that more than 2 million Americans abuse prescription medications like painkillers, stimulants, and sedatives. Georgia prescription drug addiction is a fast-growing problem for the state just as it is for the nation. Many addiction treatment centers in Georgia report increasing opiate addictions that involve prescription drugs. If you or a loved one has a prescription drug abuse problem or is addicted to prescription drugs, the time to get help is now. Through viable addiction treatments, you can manage your addiction and achieve long-term recovery.

What Is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Using a prescription medication in a manner not sanctioned by your doctor constitutes prescription drug abuse. Taking someone else’s prescription medication or increasing the dose of your own medication is definitely a form of prescription drug abuse. Powerful medications like opiate painkillers as well as stimulants and sedatives are extremely addictive and associate with high rates of abuse. In many states, there are more drug-related overdoses due to prescription medications than any other drug.

Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Since 1999, according to the Trust for America’s Health, the number of drug overdose deaths – a majority of which are from prescription drugs – tripled. This startling statistic is echoed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which also states that oxycodone has been the leading prescription drug most commonly abused in the state. Meanwhile, pharmacy robberies are occurring quite frequently. The crack down on pill mills and clinics that prescribe oxycodone and other powerful narcotics without a legitimate medical purpose, has also led to the increase in crime at regional pharmacies.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

In Georgia, as in many other states, painkillers are the most widely abused prescription drugs. Oxycodone and other opiate painkillers top the list for commonly abused medications. These drugs are powerful and fulfill an important pharmaceutical need. They are excellent at relieving pain. The downside, of course, is that these types of drugs are highly addictive. Prolonged use or abuse of these powerful drugs can lead to serious substance addiction. In fact, their addictions are so strong that treatment is a requirement.

Other drugs that are commonly abused in Georgia include stimulants and sedatives. Ambien, Valium, and Xanax are highly addictive, but, like painkillers, they play important roles in medicine and offer relief for patients suffering from severe insomnia or acute anxiety. While physicians try to monitor their patients’ use of these drugs, they don’t always know when abuse is taking place as the patients they prescribe these drugs to start off having a legitimate need for these medications


What Drugs Are Most Often Abused?


OxyContin is the brand name for the drug oxycodone. This drug is a synthetic opiate that is used to treat pain. Oxycodone is classified as a Schedule II narcotic because of its addictive properties. Signs and symptoms of oxycodone addiction include dizziness, shifts in mood, paranoia, sweating, and sometimes hallucinations. You should suspect that addiction has set in if the withdrawal symptoms occur. Other signs of oxycodone abuse include using someone else’s prescription or doctor shopping in order to obtain this drug.


Ambien is a powerful sedative that is typically prescribed to people with sleep issues. Even in the short term, Ambien is associated with addiction and carries a high risk for abuse. You should suspect an abuse problem or addiction if you witness symptoms like amnesia episodes, loss of appetite, and panic attacks. Naturally, if withdrawal symptoms occur, the presence of a dependency is certain and treatment should be sought out.


A stimulant that affects the central nervous system, Adderall is frequently used to treat patients with ADHD. In recent years, this drug has become widely abused for its ability to stimulate and speed up bodily processes. People who abuse Adderall commonly take it to stay awake for long periods of time. Signs and symptoms of Adderall addiction include anxiety, headaches, dry mouth, changes in sex drive, and nausea.

Treatment for Georgia Prescription Drug Addiction

Georgia prescription drug addiction can be managed with proper treatment. Georgia’s best addiction treatment centers target all aspects of substance addiction–its physical, mental, and behavioral dependencies. This type of comprehensive treatment can help someone overcome their addiction so they can lead a drug free life. Upon entering a treatment center, individuals are assessed for their overall health and addiction. After evaluation, addiction specialists are able to recommend a treatment plan for each sufferer.

The first stage of rehab is invariably medical detox. This process should only be performed at an addiction treatment center, hospital, or suitable medical clinic. During detox, sufferers are weaned from the drug in question. Withdrawal symptoms do occur, but they can be reduced in severity with pharmaceutical interventions. It’s not safe to quit cold turkey because withdrawal symptoms could be so severe they lead to health complications. In a medical setting, staff is there is monitor each patient’s health to ensure that the process is safe.

After detox, patients typically undergo cognitive behavioral therapy or other forms of counseling where the psychological and behavioral aspects of the addiction can be addressed. Today’s addiction treatment centers may also offer other traditional and non-traditional treatments to help patients on their road to recovery. Once intensive treatment is complete, aftercare programs such as 12-step programs (i.e. NA) can be extremely effective for helping recovering addicts avoid relapse and continue their recovery process.

Addiction Help

If you or someone you care about is suffering from Georgia prescription drug addiction, it’s important to get help now. Overdose is always a serious threat, and these powerful drugs may also lead to other serious health consequence through their prolonged abuse. If you need help with Georgia prescription drug addiction, be sure to visit an addiction rehab facility as soon as you can.