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Georgia Drug Addiction

Like many states, Georgia is concerned about rising illicit drug abuse, especially highly addictive and dangerous drugs like heroin and crystal meth. Georgia drug addiction is a major issue for many of the state’s cities and communities. Georgia drug addiction can be found in metropolitan areas of the state as well as rural regions. Addiction to these drugs has and continues to ruin lives; however, it does not have to ruin another day of yours if you seek treatment right away at one of Georgia’s renowned addiction treatment centers or chemical dependency rehabs where you can obtain the help you need to manage Georgia drug addiction and turn your life around for the better.

Georgia Drug Abuse

Street drugs are a serious problem for the nation. Like other states across the country, Georgia is doing its best to combat the rise of illicit drug abuse through crackdowns of pill mills and programs that attempt to reduce drug use among teens and college students. In Georgia, some of the most commonly abused drugs like marijuana, heroin, meth, and cocaine are street drugs that users obtain illegally. Trends suggest that as the state strives to crack down on prescription drug abuse, more users are turning to these illegal street drugs in order to satisfy their dependencies. Georgia drug addiction can, however, be tackled when addiction sufferers enter treatment and commit to the recovery process. Without treatment, these sufferers are at high risk for a wide array of serious health and social problems.

Georgia Drug Addiction

According to the Georgia Drug Control Update, 7% of Georgia residents have reported using illicit drugs within a one-month period. Of these, more than 3% reported using an illegal drug other than marijuana. While prescription drugs account for much of the state’s drug abuse and addiction problems, commonly abused illicit drugs like heroin and meth have been increasing. Moreover, the most widely abused street drug in Georgia continues to be cocaine. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that in Atlanta, there were “decreases” in the